How to change your driving license from EU to UAE

If you have a valid EU driving license and you want to change it to a UAE driving license, you will need to follow the process of converting your license. Here are the steps:

  1. Obtain a residence visa: You must have a valid Emirates ID to apply for a driving license.
  2. Obtain a no-objection certificate (NOC): Visit the traffic department or the relevant authority in your emirate of residence to obtain a NOC. The NOC certifies that your EU driving license is valid and that you have no outstanding fines or violations in the UAE.
  3. Translate and legalize your driving license: You will need to have your EU driving license translated into Arabic or English by a legal translation service.
  4. Submit your documents: Visit an RTA Happiness Center and submit your documents, including the NOC, the translated and legalized EU driving license, a copy of your passport, and a passport-size photo.
  5. Pass an eye test: You must pass an eye test to ensure that your vision meets the required standards.
  6. Pay the fees: Pay the relevant fees (approximately 1100AED) for the conversion process.
  7. Receive your UAE driving license: If all your documents are in order and you pass the eye test, you will receive your UAE driving license.

So that you know, the process and requirements for converting an EU to a UAE driving license may vary depending on your nationality and the emirate you are applying from.

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